Gruppo di progettazione Diba Architects:
Paola Di Giacomo, Chiara Ballotti


An open-air room embodied by a linear, symmetric and composed layout, enclosing the life force of the nature. The colour, going from the peaceful green hues following one another to the vigorous red varying in shade, is the catalyst for the visitor’s engagement, challenging the sensory perception and emotional response.


A doorway surrounded by a bamboo grove leads to a contemplative walk, enabling the visitors to connect with the garden and familiarize with it. The audience is invited to take an imaginary intimate journey through the help of the design’s visual hints and its evocative allure and get involved in a participatory action. The designers invite us to build an inventory of sounds and scents that will be stored in jars located in a corner of the room, in order to preserve the core emotions and the key moments of the encounter between the visitor and the garden.
The composition is enriched by an installation of wax tempura paper folding made by the artist from Siena Andrea Giannozzi – cArte.

Chiara Ballotti

Paola Di Giacomo