Gruppo di progettazione Garage Paesaggio:
Luca Dionisi, Gabriele De Sanctis, Francesco Tonini


The energy gushes out of the rocks, the waters moisten the earth dried up by the clay, making it fertile. Bubbles, puffs and gurgles, vigorous liquid matter that materialize disruptively as if by magic. The scenery comes alive, the water decomposes as the matter changes.
The magic of the presence of water and the allure of its absence are staged in the garden. Water without Water.


An informal and visionary garden, where large water bubbles emerge from the earth to become polystyrene spheres floating in the air, then thinning out until they finally disappear.
Explosive energy becoming quiet. The composition rhythm is marked by a green strip of drought tolerant plants making their way among the metal poles and the trees of the park.
Sculptural seats encourage the visitor to contemplate the dream, offering a temporary escape from reality. Let the show begin.

Luca Dionisi,
Gabriele De Sanctis,
Francesco Tonini